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Beard Corn Rows

Beard Corn Rows (and other silly things) -

Beardly Roundup #3

From time to time I roundup beard memes and beard news from around the Internet to share with you here, including, today, some beard *shudder* corn rows. This is my third installation, with some good ones from April Fool’s Day this year.

Here’s a cute video from days gone by. Grandpa got his whiskers stuck in his zipper.

Here’s a short video starring everyone’s favorite…

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Seattle beards photo shoot 11 days away

Seattle beards photo shoot 11 days away, more details here (free!):

It’s almost time! Next weekend on April 19th, growabeardnow.com will host our first every Seattle Beards photo shoot. If you can make it to Seattle, this is a great opportunity to get a professional portrait of your beard done, for free.

This is also a great chance for you to meet like-minded beards. Who knows? Maybe lasting friendships will form! Come on down folks and meet your peers.


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Beard Grooming

Grooming a beard is an art to itself, which most men never master. Our fathers raised us to shave off our whiskers every morning. It’s no wonder that we bearded few have little experience grooming a beard. With this guide, I explain why grooming a beard daily is important. I also provide tips and tricks for gents like me with long beards.

Photo of a well groomed beard.

Photo of the famous Mike Mozartwith an epic groomed beard.…

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How to Fix a Patchy Beard

How to Fix a Patchy Beard. Fill in those bald patches!

Of the over 600 comments this blog has, the #1 one I get is, “How do I fix a patchy beard”? Needless to say, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this one and have come up with a pretty good solution. In short:

[Tweet “You can fix a patchy beard with consistent use of beard vitamins, or by using a minoxidil cream.”]

But before we get down to the nitty-gritty, let’s take a brief moment to…

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Beard Oil Recipe

Learn how to make beard oil! Create your own beard oil with this homemade beard oil recipe. Now, while most beard oils have many of these ingredients, every beard oil uses different amounts of them. I can’t tell you how much of each ingredient to use–you need to experiment and discover a formula that you like best. I will, however, share my recipe that I like best. You need to decide what’s going…

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Facial Hair Styles

I just completed an illustrated guide to facial hair styles. Which one is yours?

Hail, fellow bearded chaps! I worked with my talented artist to come up with a collection of all the facial hair styles known to man. If you like it, please share with your bearded friends.

The following are some of the more conventional, accepted beard styles. Many of these facial hair styles are accepted by the World Beard & Mustache Championships as facial hair categories. If your goal is to…

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Panasonic Milano Series ER-GB40-S Hair & Body Trimmer

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Buy it here

Buy it here

[/creativ_col][creativ_col position=”b”]The Panasonic ER-GB40-S Beard Trimmer makes grooming simple and easy. The trimmer has a flexible dial with 19 0.5 millimeter individual settings which usually eliminate the need for several parts. It has 19 settings which can…

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This fine fellow decided to eat a meal out of his beard…

This fine fellow decided to eat a meal out of his beard in today’s Beardly Roundup:

Beardly Roundup #2

Every week I collect the best beard memes and curiosities and share them with you here. Let me know of more I should include next week:

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“Like” Beards

I wish this was the default “like” button for our Grow a Beard Now Facebook page.

Photo of a beard like button.

Submitted by Sebby Deak. BEARD by Kids in The Hall

Did any of you watch Kids in The Hall growing up? I…

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Profiles in Beardliness - Charles Haddon Spurgeon

This week’s profile in beardliness is Charles Spurgeon, a preacher who loved beards and loved cigars:

Today’s Profile in Beardlienss is none other than the mighty beard owner Charles Haddon Spurgeon, a Christian preacher from the 1800s. While there are many movements today that teach Christians that beards are unclean, and even devilish (see my previous profile of Joseph Palmer), Spurgeon defied them all by spouting his oft quoted love of beards:

[Tweet “Growing a beard is a habit most natural,…

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The only acceptable alternative to a real beard is…

This maybe the ONLY acceptable alternative to a real beard:

Beardly Roundup #1

As shocking as it may seem, especially to a guy like me who has had a beard all his life, beards are “in” these days, and have permeated online culture. I’m starting a new segment of the beard blog where I do a roundup of the quirky viral social media things I found the previous week about beards, including memes, videos, and images.

Do you know of one that I should include…

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Profiles in Beardliness - Friedrich Liechtenstein

This week’s profile in beardliness is Friedrich Liechtenstein, a German puppeteer turned pop culture icon.

You’ve likely never heard of Friedrich Liechtenstein. However, if you’re from Germany, you’ll recognize his beard. He’s a pretty big deal over there.

Friedrich Liechtenstein is the star performer in a new series of TV commercials for the German supermarket Edeka. What brings him to this website is his epic gray beard. This fellow is basically The Most Interesting Man in the World–in Germany.

Friedrich Liechtenstein posing with his beard.


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How fast do beards grow?

How fast do beards grow? Finally a concrete answer to the ultimate question.

I broke down the science behind this question in my previous post, How Long Does it Take to Grow a Beard, which I encourage you to read. To sum up, all human hair grows at .5 inches per month, so it takes 2 years to grow a 1-foot beard (source).

That said, I’ve been making some interesting discoveries of late. Take Jose Salvador, for example. You remember him–he’s the guy who lasted 13 months on…

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Free Photo of Your Beard

Get a free professional photo portrait of your beard; details here:

Do you live near Seattle, Washington? I’m hosting a big get-together on April 19th where you can get a professional photo portrait done of your beard. Dress up in your best gentlemanly finery. Use this as an opportunity to meet other bearded gents in…

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This week’s profile in beardlienss is Joseph Palmer, the man persecuted for wearing a beard:View Post
Did you know that The Most Interesting Man in the World has a beard? Of course he has! More:View Post