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Beard Trimming Accident

It was Thursday evening and I was getting ready for my weekly show. I was running late, so I ran to the bathroom, grabbed my beard trimmer, and trimmed up my mustache as I always do. However, when I removed my trimmer, I saw this horrible sight:

My poor face with a shorn mustaceh

Somehow, my trimmer setting got switched from length 7 to length 0. So here I am with what is essentially an Amish mustache. I tried to feather it out a…

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Beard Growth Shampoo

Bet you didn’t know this stuff existed: beard growth shampoo—grow a beard in the shower!


[creativ_alertbox icon=”” colour=”green” custom_colour=”“]$20.99 – 16 oz[/creativ_alertbox]


So you finally grew a beard, but the poor thing grows in thin. You can see right through it in the mirror. People ask you if you recently ate some brown cotton candy. It looks like a floating brown haze, making some question if you brushed your teeth recently. Your beard is a ghost of what it could be.…

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Beard Growth Products

Are you embarrassed by your patchy beard? (Or lack of beard?) Here are my favorite beard growth products.

When I created this website, I focused on beard care products (like shampoo, soap, and conditioners) and beard grooming products (like trimmers, combs, and brushes). But over the years of reading your comments, I quickly learned that many readers are interested in ways to improve beard growth, beard thickness, and over-all beard health.

I’ve consolidated my research into this article, where I…

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Beard Conditioner - How to Condition Your Beard

How to Condition Your Beard — Keep your face soft and your strands kissable (with lovely photos)

If you’ve grown a beard for any length of time, you’ve probably wondered if there were conditioners out there specifically for beards. Beards can get dry, itchy, and flaky, so finding a quality beard conditioner should be on every bearded man’s to-do list. There are indeed conditioners designed specifically for beards, and they differ greatly from regular conditioners.

Aren’t conditioners all the…

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Beard Balm Recipe - How to Make Beard Balm

How to make Beard Balm. Why pay $15 for a tin?

Before we get to the beard balm recipes, let’s go over a few principles to making your own beard balm. I assume you already know what beard balm is–a buttery substance used to condition a beard and give it slight hold. Beard balm is a popular alternative to beard oil (and the two can be used together–I use both every morning). See my collection of favorite beard balmsto see what is already out…

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Trimming Beard with Fire

So, apparently Turkish people trim beards with fire. Videos in here: http://www.growabeardnow.com/trimming-beard-fire/


Here’s one that comes straight from our comments section. A reader asked me to do some research on the “Turkish Shave”, which, he said, includes a beard trim with fire. That’s right, the barber takes an open flame to your beard instead of using blades.

Before we get into the pros and cons, I want to show you a few examples.

This video demonstrates the principle behind using fire to trim a beard.…

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Amish Beard - How to Grow One

Fans often mistake my beard for an Amish beard. THIS is what an Amish beard looks like:

An Amish beard is distinct from many other long beard styles in that there is no mustache. Amish men sometimes shave their cheeks and chin as well, leaving long, un-trimmed sideburns and neck beard.


Why do the Amish Grow Beards

Amish grow beards as a symbol of humility, manhood, and husband-ship. The Amish do not exchange wedding rings. Instead, when an Amish man gets married, he stops shaving…

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Long Beard Styles

Some think that long beards are boring. Not so! These are my favorite long beard styles:

There are 54 accepted beard and mustache styles, but most men want to know how to grow long beard styles. Here is a collection of the longest beard styles, with a description of what distinguishes them from their shorter cousins.

Note that this list is admittedly subjective. For the purposes of this project, a long beard is any beard that leaves alone the bulk of beard that grows from the chin.…

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Beard Oil Review - H-Beard

Today I reviewed a new beard oil on the block: H-BEARD: http://www.growabeardnow.com/beard-oil-review-h-beard/

Today’s beard oil review is H-Beard, by the fine fellows over at Healing Natural Oils. The oil comes in 2 sizes–11ml (.37oz) or 33ml (1.12oz).

Beard Oil Review of H-Beard Oil

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I like to look at 5 aspects when forming my…

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Do beards grow faster in the summer?

Do beards grow faster in the summer? And the answer is…: http://www.growabeardnow.com/beards-grow-faster-summer/

Ah, the eternal question. Many a man has scratched his chin in confusion when he shaves once a day in the winter, and twice a day in the summer. But, thanks to modern science, the eternal question has an easy answer: Yes, they do.

[Tweet “Beards grow faster in the summer because testosterone production is greater during the summer.”]

Why do beards grow faster during summer months?

A photo of a man whose beard has grown faster in the summer.


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Best Day Ever

My beard blog got its best day in terms of traffic yesterday (stats inside):

We’re reaching a bunch of milestones here at growabeardnow.com! Last month we broke 1 million views. Yesterday we had the best day of the blog ever.

Photo of the best day ever.

I launched this blog back in 2012. I started promoting it in September, when I released a video to my Oxhorn followers on YouTube (an account which has over 150,000 subscribers). That video (embedded below) generated significant interest in this…

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Beard Care

I just completed an EPIC guide to beard care. See my 10 beard care tips: http://www.growabeardnow.com/beard-care/

Beard care may seem like a silly topic to some. After all, how hard is it to care for a beard? Those of us who have taken the challenge know that beards sometimes have minds of their own. Proper beard care will help you grow the long, downy beard of your dreams.

The following 10 beard care tips come from years of experience, and will help you grow a longer, thicker, fuller beard. Beard onward!


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Does testosterone help facial hair growth?

Does testosterone help facial hair growth?

The short answer is, yes:

[Tweet “Testosterone can help facial hair to grow thicker. Men with lots of testosterone have bigger beards.”]

I recently concluded an interview with Dr. Alan Bauman, a facial hair transplant specialist. I asked him what effect testosterone has on facial hair growth, and he responded:

Testosterone has the opposite effect on beard hair as it does on the scalp.  On the…

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One Million Views

Today we passed a huge milestone here at growabeardnow.com. We passed 1 million lifetime views. Thanks to all of you who have kept coming back for more beardliness!

It does t stop there folks. We have much more bearding to do. I’m working on some epic content pieces that I hope to publish soon.

Have any suggestions? Leave them in the comments below.

Thanks again for making this blog what it is…

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How To Be Classy

How To Be Classy

Many of the top Google results for “how to be classy” are pretty unclassy. They include top-10 lists, and brilliant observations like “don’t burp in public”. They co-mingle words like “fabulous” and “hip” with “classy”, as if they mean the same thing. They don’t. You can’t define classiness by a “Top X” list with big headlines that are easy to scan. Classiness is not a step-by-step process that…

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